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Wow, I wish I could do this! Image found at gpkworld.com.

Wizard World 2016

After three days of meeting WWE talent, I write up my story of my weekend at Wizard World. Here's my recollection of it.

Walkthrough Complete!

I have made a walkthrough for the first game of the Final Fantasy series. I am also working on Final Fantasy II's walkthrough as well, but it's complete only up to the Snow Cavern. Go there now, or I will knock you all down.

Hit the Road, Matt!

While there are other sites dedicated to the US Highway System, I couldn't find one the covered what I wanted to cover: the places where these US Routes intersect. It's going to start as a database, but eventually I want to have pictures of these places. For now, only a small few crossings have photos, but I plan to build it up. Please go to the page if this interests you.

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Over in the video game checklist section, I've finally got a game completed. The Castlevania II checklist serves as a walkthrough, but it assumes that you have played the game and just trying to improve your time or collection rate.

Bud Selig Will Be Stepping Down! Halleujah!

Oh, that day can't come soon enough. In honor of this fabulous occasion, I have put together an editorial on ways I would improve MLB had they put me in charge. Note: I am not associated with MLB in any way and don't have any connections. Edit: (2/15/12) Damn it! The old goose got a contract extension. I guess the only way to get him out will be kicking and screaming.

How much Full House is too much?

Full House is a tv show that's ripe with things to tear apart. It is entertainingly bad. Episodes are hit or miss, but reading about the best episodes wouldn't be any fun, would it? Youtube isn't full of raving reviews, is it? Well, I have determined which ten are the worst of the bunch. The list is intended to be humorous, not to tear down anyone who likes the show. So, have a look and maybe more will pop up soon. Enjoy.

Chosen Samplings:

Just trying to make sense of the English language...

1. If mouse + mouse = mice, and louse + louse = lice, does:
     a. House + house = hice?
     b. Spouse + spouse = spice?
     c. Should an ice cube be called an ouse?
2. If more than one man is men, shouldn’t more than one pan be pen? What about two humen?
3. Would a female ass be an assette or an assess?
4. The past tense of sneak is sneaked, but some people say snuck. Under that logic, should the past tense of seek be suck? Should we say slut instead of sleeted? What about leak or peek?
5. Do trousers trouse anything?
6. If you can have fourth and eighth notes, why can’t there be a twoth note?
7. If someone gets fired, should we throw water on them to put it out?
8. If Monday is the Day of the Moon, shouldn’t a monkey be the key to the moon?
9. If someone has been both male and female, would that make them emale?
10. If a con is a fraud, does that make Congress a movement of frauds?

So what exactly is a Goonie?

For us classic gamers, we remember games that were about fun gameplay and challenge. We don't care about graphics. Storylines? It's a game...who really cared? As long as the game play was worthwhile, that's all that mattered. We also welcomed Engrish and cheesiness and we liked it. Therefore, as a treat for old NES gamers, I present the best walkthrough for a somewhat confusing game, Goonies II. Enjoy. Ripped Off Goonies 2 Walkthrough.
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